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The Way ("Путь") / стих

В первом номере английского литературного журнала The Russian Bell в 2017 году опубликовано стихотворение Татьяны Копыленко The Way ("Путь"). Журнал представляет современную русскую литературу широкому кругу читателей на английском языке. 
The Way
Dedicated to Alexander Gritsenko
The guitar strings wailed, the piano keys wept,
The drum was moaning in the agony and rage…
Oh my God! We understood too late
That our world is just a bloody circus stage.
A pack of lapdogs hunts a lion here,
And lion’s blood pours to the arena floor.
And the severely injured lion lies in its blood,
But nobody cares, they smile at its dying roar.
Mediocrities clobber talented people here,
Destroying Faith, Honor and Love in human souls.
And Harlequin rips Columbine’s dress again and again,
Grimacing at Pierrot and always achieving his goals.
And I’m not asking for any indulgences for me,
I’m not asking the world to love me more than others…
But I’m begging you, my good genius with wings,
Help me to fulfill my dreams, filling life with bright colors.
I dream about a world, where people are friends,
Where goodness and honor reign in every soul,
Where there is no place for a cold and vile revenge,
Where nobody would give me a poison-filled bowl.
My angel of light has given me all his strength,
He greeted the dawn, gasping for breath without a shout.
He overstrained himself and was pushed down from the sky.
And he was shot in the back. And the light went out.
All that I held dear, all that was lovely for my heart
Were removed from the face of earth. My soul is full of hurts.
Even angel’s strength wasn’t enough against evil…
We live in the mad world full of people with mad hearts…
P.S. But I want to say to those who have smirked,
Who destroyed all that my angel couldn’t defend:
Even if the angels would never more return to us,
I’ll fight against you to the bitter end!
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